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Khareyana Spa     
Category : Beauty Spa

We are located in a private enclave in Petaling Jaya,in a bungalow, surrounded by lush trees and a beautiful water garden, a home away from home.

We offer a range of exclusive Spa Treatments from head to toe and you will be pampered by our trained professional therapists using only the best natural traditional products known for its rejuvenating and calming effects on the mind body and spirit.

Come and visit us for a well deserved pampering in a calming sanctuary and we promise you'll keep coming back for more.

Our Services :


This facial firming treatment will open up and cleanse the pores, invigorate and firm up the skin and enhance your youthful features


The aromatic body massage activates the body’s nerve endings and helps to stimulate blood flow. This massage will help to relieve stress caused by physical or psychological fatigue, relaxing both mind and body


Experience this invigorating spa treatments sourced directly from the spa haven of Bali, these treatments are packed with moisturizing goodness and natural antioxidants from nature itself. Fantastic for normal to dry skin, your skin will feel invigorated, soft and moisturized and you will leave Khareyana Spa smelling good enough to eat!
The Process
First, your body is throughly scrubbed to reveal soft, glowing skin with your choice of Scrub Powder, cocoa, coffee or tea.
This is followed by a relaxing Balinese full body massage.
Next, a Body Mask is applied to the whole body to lift out impurities and dead skin
Your treatment ends with a shower and application of Moisturizing Cream


Surrender yourself to the luxurious and relaxing feel of having trained hands gently massage your face which has the beneficial effect of increasing blood flow to your face. Be the envy of others with the fresh and glowing looks that instantly results from doing this treatment. The facial massage lasts for 30 minutes and is followed by a face mask.


Traditional is always best when it comes to beauty, using age old techniques and organic products which is always best for your body. Our slimming massage is no different, using a combination of traditional techniques and product, the kneading, circular and light pinching massage movements will help to eliminate and break down body fat and circulate your blood flow. The massage oil used for this treatment is packed with ginger giving your body the necessary heat to further help breakdown body fat.
This massage treatment focuses on specific problem areas