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One Pest     
Category : Pest Control

Pest Control services are one of one the high demanded business in Malaysia as pests are always messed up business premises, residential home and etc. We truly understand that you might trouble with pest problems once in a while in your business area as well as home. When things happens, all you need to do is do call us or send us enquiry. We will make an appointment with you and free door services to your business or home.

ONE PEST is the pest control service provider in Malaysia who offers you one stop and complete solution for pest control services. We are providing pest control in KL, pest control in Klang Valley, as well as pest control in PJ. When dealing with ONE PEST, one can be ensure that pests will be gone after we perform the services.
As we are rapidly growth in our business, we are expanding our services which also include residential pest services as well as pest control for offices.

The professional pest control services that we offer include flies control, soil treatment, white ants control, as well as termite treatment and many more.

Flies Control
Flies are known as the most irritating pest to humans as well as to animals for most of the years. Flies are more likely to transmit various diseases which will cause diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and many more kind of diseases. In ONE PEST, we have professional team of staff to perform flies control activities to cut down or kill all the flies within your business area!

Soil treatment
Soil treatment is normally performed during the pre-construction period in those construction sites which the purpose of the treatment is to give a continuous barrier of chemical between soil as well as the constructed building. We provide a total prevention treatment to make sure the newly construction building are termites free.

White ants Control – Termite Treatment
Termites or white ants would probably cause a serious amount of damages to your home or business if you leave it untreated. Termites are usually damaging your wood made materials and lastly cause your building to be dangerous.
In ONE PEST, we are care about your safety as well as happy to provide you effective solutions to treat termites. We not only make sure it is effective; we are taking serious about environments too. We use environments friendly ways to treat pests!